Research results and technologies 
accumulated over 20 years

DNA Link, founded on March 15, 2000, is a genome-based biotechnology company specialized in research and development. As a sequencing service provider, DNA Link delivers highly scalable results to genomic researchers, supported by an integrated analysis system that has developed from the company’s long history and experience in genomic research and development trials.

A Frontier Company in Personalized Medicine

We aim to become a frontier company in personalized medicine. By applying the latest high throughput genomic analysis technologies, we have successfully analyzed wide-ranging samples derived not only from human but also from an extensive list of plant and animal species. As a result, we have become one of the most longstanding company that maintains high-quality genetic data deliveries, and expertise in analyzing and interpreting them. We also remain to be the frontier company that combines biotechnology and information technology by developing bioinformatics  workflow, with which we established genetic information databases to identify the genetic characteristics of populations, integrated genetic analysis to discover genomic biomarkers, and carried out analysis combining genetic and clinical data. We thrive to contribute to the public health and well-being by leading major-scale personalized medical projects, partnering with research institutes not only in Korea but also from all over the world.

DNA Link Inc. will continue to provide breakthrough for challenging R&D projects, aiming to bring advancement to the cure rate of diseases along with customized treatments that enable disease prevention and early diagnosis accordingly to genetic differences.

DNA LINK CEO. President
Jong Eun Lee, Ph.D.

B.S. in Veterinary Medicine at Seoul National Univ.
Ph.D. in Genetics at George Washington Univ.
Former senior researcher at Seoul National Univ.
Former Chairman at Macrogen
Former head of research center at Macrogen